Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3.6 Epic Birthday

So. The twin's birthday was rather dramatic... I ended up missing both of them sparkling BUT they grew up to be pretty cute, regardless.

Gloria is just breathtaking. Her updated Traits are: Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Adventurous and Eco-Friendly.

Heidi is very pretty as well. Her Traits: Virtuoso, Heavy Sleeper, Kleptomaniac and Neat. I changed both of their scale colors to something that I thought would suit their personalities a little bit better. 

Gloria's tail is a nice sunset inspired orangey-yellow.

Heidi has a very deep purple and blue. SO PRETTY. 

Now the girls were both A students in school and were such hard workers, that I decided to give them a treat. A nice little vacation in China before school started up again. (Gloria really wanted to go to China... Her adventurous spirit makes me smile!)

Gloria immediately met a local who asked her to explore a tomb to look for a hidden gem. 

She had to do many tasks and logic problems to get through.

Thank goodness her mother taught her the importance of the Athletic skill from a young age. She was exhausted, but powered through.

Yuck! I missed a picture of her pulling yucky bugs all over her hands when she was looking for a key to get into the last room. 

She did find it though and was rewarded for her troubles with some Visa Points. She then chose her lifetime wish: Fully Explore 6 Tombs in 3 Locations. WOW. 

Heidi isn't too keen on getting down and dirty like her sister. She lounged around in the market place for the most part.

Yes! Gloria had time to start another Adventure, but didn't get to finish it... THAT DRAGON WAS CREEPY. 

And then she slept overnight on a bench. 

Again... Not Heidi's thing. She slept in the basecamp in a nice, warm bed.

And headed to the market place for some shopping and a swim. 

Still not sure if she was actually allowed to swim in this water, but no one tried to stop her... so I just let her enjoy herself. 

She bought some fishing books for her sister and a few recipe books to try herself. 

And then learned how to make fortune cookies. Hers said, "Bacon makes everything better". AMEN

Just a few hours left of vacation and Gloria was learning, yet again, another skill. Martial Arts!

She decided to read more about it in a book before she actually hurt herself. But bought some equipment to take home and practice with. 

And Heidi made sure to learn some of the local culture before she left. Here she is, learning a traditional Chinese song from one of the locals. She made fast friends with him and decided that her lifetime wish was to be: Super Popular (20 friends)

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