Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3.5 Invisible

The slide is kind of scary, but other than that, everyone seems to enjoy the pool.

Heidi loves playing in the waterfall. 

Finn did one of the most painful belly flops I have EVER witnessed. 

Eleanor decided to stick with a more traditional cannonball. Excited to finally have a pool at the house! 

Gloria decided to head straight to bed after an exciting birthday.

Heidi, my Heavy Sleeper, seems to be awake a lot more... Do they sleep less than regular sims, I just assumed that they'd sleep MORE.  

Anyway, the girls love playing together. The block table sees a lot of traffic after they're home from school.

Gloria is upset that she missed her birthday celebrations in the pool. She is always getting this thought bubble with a birthday cake over her head.

And WHAT?! Is that a puppy? Yep. Gloria really wanted to adopt a puppy and I just let it happen. Meet Harvey Greene. 

Can't keep the girls out of the pool at 4 in the morning. I just can't do it. 

Somehow, they do find some time for homework though. Heidi is much faster at doing her homework than Gloria, but they both always make sure to get it done. 

The only mermaid-ish thing that I'm finding so far is that eating regular meals doesn't do much for the girls hunger statistics. Their favorite food is kelp, so I stocked up on it. I'm just hoping that once their older, they can cook food that actually does something for them. :/ 

Gloria gave up the habit pretty quick, but Heidi doesn't go anywhere without her imaginary friend, Vincent. It's pretty cute. 

Wait. Wait. LESS CUTE. This little fool grew up with them. The only person that can see him is Heidi. She has conversations with him and the whole family thinks that she is crazy.

She makes him bring her food. Crack that whip, Heidi. (Should I be more concerned that my child-sim has an invisible slave? Hmm...)

Gloria spends her days in the pool. Relaxing... probably trying to get away from the strange conversations that her sister is having with herself.

And Eleanor is in the game again, auditioning for gigs at every opportunity.

I sent the girls to the park one day and Heidi hit the swings. See? She always smiles for pictures. It's precious. 

Gloria is quite the Angler, she is already to level 2 of the Fishing skill. AND she can eat the fish that she catches... raw. Gross!

Ding-ding! It's birthday time for Brynn! 

Can't forget the sparkley picture. 

I think that she's gorgeous as an elder. She didn't seem to mind too much either. 

And she immediately grabbed the guitar and met her lifetime wish. We have a master painter and guitarist in the house now! 

Heidi is constantly carrying little Harvey around. They are best friends. 

Uh-oh. Things seem to be going downhill between Heidi and Vincent... 

Before the girls' birthday the next day, Eleanor read them both a bedtime story and tucked them in. I think that we're both a little bit sad that these kids childhoods didn't last longer. 

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