Thursday, November 21, 2013

2.4 Thanks, Grandpa

Dexter is the most-loved baby this household has ever seen. If he cries, there is a traffic jam because all four adults are waiting to snuggle him. (At this point, I moved Corinne and Seth - still a teenager- out of the house. They were enemies. It was miserable)

Leighton is especially fond of having a grandson. 

And daddy Kyle is PRECIOUS. (I'm officially Kyle's biggest fan)

Look at cute little Dexter. D'aww.

Leighton, is of course, the one that helps out with Dexter's birthday. 

Unfortunately, the birthday cake catches fire... 

And get's ahold of Kyle. (At this point, I had a total meltdown because I was not ready for him to die yet! I'll never be ready.)

Dexter ended up growing up in less than a good mood... but he was still pretty cute. 

Brynn was, YES, already pregnant again. Actually, as soon as she got home from the hospital, I realized that she had wished to have a little girl and I decided that there was no time like the present. 

Leighton and Dexter were best friends at this point. 

And Brynn was, again, about to pop. 

Teaching Dexter skills actually went over very well. He was potty trained in only three tries. I've never had that happen before either! 

Leighton's wishes are always 'tickle Dexter', 'pick up Dexter', 'snuggle Dexter'. It's the sweetest. 

And sometimes, Brynn gets the rare quiet moment where she can rock her little boy to sleep and think about her little on that was on the way. 

Okay. She didn't get to think about it for very long. Suddenly, she is up and having a baby. We didn't go to the hospital this time. 

Leighton helps out a lot with Eleanor, his first granddaughter. Unfortunately, she suffers from chronic younger-child syndrome and I forgot to take pictures of her... oops. Her traits are Good and Athletic. 

Anyway, here is Eleanor as a toddler. We went through a lot of different hairstyles for her, for some reason.

Dexter was ready to grow up the day after Eleanor aged into a toddler. Thank goodness, having two toddlers is MISERABLE. 

He grew up and ended up with the Perfectionist trait. 

Here is Eleanor with another hairstyle. She is the definition of a daddy's girl. 

With a demanding toddler in the house, Dexter was getting stressed. Brynn decided to take him to his first ever festival at the park. 

MORE different hair. This kid is such a diva. 

Birthday time! Always exciting to have a toddler grow into a child, imo. They can take care of themselves for the most part. ;)

The whole family was so excited to see what Eleanor would look like as a child. 


Pretty cute, if you ask me. And she rolls, WHAT TRAIT?! Diva. :) I so called that. 


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  1. This is absolutely enthralling. I am as invested in this legacy story as I am my favorite television shows.