Thursday, November 21, 2013

2.1 A New Chapter

Brynn Greene woke up one morning when she was a few days away from graduating high school and she felt... different. That's right, Brynn! You are officially in charge of bringing in the 3rd Generation of Greenes. How does it feel? 

"I'm going to study for my exams. Can't get into University without good grades." 


In other news, I forgot to throw a birthday party for Leighton, but he ended up aging into a very handsome elder. 

Okay, maybe not THAT handsome. But what can you do?

Before aging up, Corinne decided to make some very unique fashion choices... 

Brynn's brother, Andrew, joined the Law Enforcement career and moved out. He wasn't too happy about not being the heir. 

Seth aged up into a teen and was... miserable to share a house with. I honestly considered sending him to boarding school or having him move out with Andrew, but didn't feel like it was very parent-like of me. 

And Brynn worked on her skills at every single opportunity. 

She ended up mastering the painting skill before she was an adult. I've never had a sim master a skill before aging up, so that was an exciting milestone for me! This is one of the reasons that I chose Brynn to carry on the family name.

She also ended up with 5 or 6 logic skills. 

And then, of course, you can't forget the time that Penelope nearly froze to death in her garden and Leighton had to use a hairdryer to warm her off... 

And then someone immediately started a house-fire after that. Geez. I need some time to rest. 

The day before Brynn and Corinne were going to age up, I had Brynn take the University Aptitude Test. She was going to major in Fine Arts and was going to get a seriously hefty scholarship! 

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  1. YAY I was routing for Brynn to be the heir :) That Seth though. He reminds me of a Seth I know... ;)