Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1.2 Budding Romance

Her weekend wasn't over, yet! I just had a feeling that something amazing was waiting for Penelope. I sent her to the library to create an profile for an online dating site, but the first thing that she saw upon entering the library was little Sam Sekemoto... again! She decided to ask around and see if she could find a parent. 

Just around the corner was Leighton, Sam's father. They ended up talking for a while and really hit it off. He definitely enjoyed the funny cat video that Penelope insisted on showing him. 

They really, really hit it off. 

"I love butterflies! They're pretty bugs with wings! Yay nature! Yay wings! Yay bugs!" 

"lol ur pretty"

Looks like a match made in heaven to me. 

She went home from the library with her first friend. There was a goofy grin on her face the entire time she tended her garden... and look at those harvestables! Maybe we will be able to make enough money to revamp the house a bit more! 

That's right! Hello, mini-fridge! We have all of our basic needs covered now! Hunger, Sleep, Hygiene, Bladder... 


We're working on it, classy lady. 

She decided to ask Leighton out on a date the next day. They met at the park again. Look how he's thinking about her, isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Penelope really used that Schmoozer trait. They were almost completely in the green before I had her start flirting with him. 

Look at that 'amorous hug'... It really melts my heart. 

I decide that it is time. She's at the summer festival on a really sweet date, he hasn't abandoned his kid... that we know of and it is time... FOR THE KISS. 

Leighton is not amused. 


After what we will now refer to as 'Failure Kiss' - Penelope was sad and decided to go play soccer with some old dude. (here are some pictures of her being super duper cute)

Playing soccer can definitely cause one to have a powerful hunger, so she went ahead and joined the hotdog eating contest. She got 2nd place.

But after a selling a few more wild flowers that we found at the fall festival, she could finally afford a bathroom! Weeee!!! 

"You mean I don't have to pee in the kitchen/bedroom anymore?!" 

That's right, girlie! Dream big!! 

The next morning, the creepy ice cream truck sat outside of the house for about 12 hours. At least the garden is looking good... 

Another off day! Time to give Leighton a call to chat. Maybe the awkwardness has melted away since you tried to eat his face. 

"I didn't try to - well, I guess I did... YOU TOLD ME TO. I'M NOT ALLOWED TO SAY NO."

Woot-woot! Look at that kitchen!! TWO counter-tops! A real refrigerator! It must be nice to be rich!

And it just keeps getting better! Another promotion!

She even got to dabble in the handiness skill. Can't afford that pesky 50 simoleons to have someone come over to fix the sink. Independent woman and all of that jazz. 

Before going to sleep, we realize that maybe the schmoozer skill would be even more powerful if we start working on the Charisma skill. I purchase her a mirror and she gets to work... maybe she'll develop her people skills enough to get Leighton to come around again. 

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