Sunday, December 15, 2013

4.9 Storm's A-Brewin'

So. I had to account for an unfortunate glitch in my game and some things that just didn't quite go as planned. This chapter will be rushed, but this will be the end of the 4th Generation's posts. And the next few in the 5th may seem strange or out of sequence! I promise that I will do what I can to get back on track!

THIS is the new Greene House. (for the time being...)

For some reason, my game was seriously glitching. It improved a bit when I moved them into Twinbrook had them living on a slightly smaller lot. I guess that this means that this is no longer an official Sims 3 Legacy, but I wasn't keeping score anyway... 

Jack grew into a GORGEOUS gorgeous freaking beautiful dear goodness teenager. His updated traits are: Eccentric, Clumsy, Workaholic and Savvy Sculptor.

Kennedy grew into quite the imaginative child. Her traits are: Good, Absent-Minded, and Athletic.

But things didn't change much for Jack. He is constantly working on something new. 

He and Ike are great at working together and share something else in common. Their relationship with Keith is in the negatives. Keith has actually declared Jack as his worst enemy! (I have no clue why this happened. Keith has the Hot-Headed trait and is constantly yelling at both of his kids. It breaks my heart!)

Eleanor passed away on her 90th birthday. I was very sad... For some reason, I thought that she'd live the longest out of all of my elders because she's so athletic, but I guess it's random once you're an elder. 

Kennedy is good at making friends. She's always going over to someone else's house to do homework. I don't blame her with all of the arguing that goes on.

She grew up into a lovely young lady. Again, she looks JUST like her dad.

Ruby had puppies, but that was kind of short-lived because four dogs in this house was pretty much miserable.

 Ike turned into an adult and it was time for me to pick a new heir...

What do you think, Jack?

4.8 Family Time

Kennedy's birthday snuck up on me. I should really be better at this by now, but Gloria's kids are so close together, it's hard to keep track of them! 

She grew up to be absolutely stunning though. Her traits are Good and Absent-Minded. And this kid looks JUST like her daddy. 

Eleanor is ALL about getting some baby kisses. Kennedy is her 5th and last grandchild. 

Baby giggles. :D

And would you look at that! It's Jack's birthday too!

Look at his little puffy face blowing out the candles. 

He doesn't even give me a moment to take a picture before he's in his room, working on his logic skill!

It didn't go over very well...

Jack loves his little sister though. They play peekaboo and are already best friends. 

Here he is outside, searching the galaxy. He's already discovered two starts and one planet. Pretty big accomplishments for someone that just grew up from being a toddler!

Ike prefers playing video games with dad. 

There's a picture of my little blue-eyed guy. :) By the way, Jack's newest trait is: Workaholic.

Gloria sometimes needs to take a break to meditate. These kids have been known to drive her a little bit crazy.

I decided one day, before Ike's birthday, that I'd take the WHOLE family to the park. They all had a blast. 

Eleanor and Keith had a shoot out and it is no surprise that my athletic old lady beat him. 

Ike and Jack spent nearly the whole time playing chess. Their Eccentric (Jack) and Genius (Ike) traits have them itching to learn the Logic skill. At this point, they were both level 5.

Kennedy was content playing with her imaginary friend doll... Oh no, not again.

Gloria, of course, had to spend the time that she had fishing. 

And then Keith, Gloria, Uncle Dexter and Jack decided to be in a hotdog eating contest.

I really didn't expect Jack to be the winner... He can really put them away!!

Keith, on the other hand...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

4.7 Princess Makes Six

Jack and Ruby really seem to get along. :) He's a happy baby. She's a happy dog. This is such a happy family. 

Look at his little grin... Him. I wonder what he's laughing at. 

Oh. Grandma's walking around the house naked. Okay. This is where I start saving up money to pay for his therapy. 

For some reason, Ike and Keith barely have a relationship. I decided to sit them down and let them have a bit of father/son time working on Ike's homework. 

Random picture of horses during one of Gloria's nighttime swims. 

That's it. Every. Single. Pregnancy. She craves to swim in salt water... WEIRDO GLORIA.

Ike is LOVING the new addition to the house. I added a video game center in the spare bedroom. As soon as he's done with homework, he plays video games until bedtime. I guess as long as his school work is done, I can't make any complaints. 

It's nearly time for the last baby in this generation and everyone is very excited. Are we going to have a Ken or a Kennedy? 

This might be my favorite picture that I captured throughout the legacy. Look at Gloria's super-derp face! 

Ike is NOT amused with his latest homework assignment. 

Here we go! Baby Number Three! This is not a drill!

*sparkle* *sparkle*

See that pink blanket?! IT'S A GIRL!!! 

Kennedy Greene. I can already tell that she has her Grandpa Rick's gorgeous dark skin that I wish transferred to Gloria or Heidi! The Sims genetics seriously amazes me sometimes! 

Peaceful sleeper. :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

4.6 China Challenges!

Being pregnant again doesn't give you an excuse to laze around. Gloria woke up one morning and decided that she and Ike would go on a little date to the park before the new baby came along. 

He had a blast riding the spring riders. She let him ride both of the springriders at the Spring festival. He was a happy, happy boy. 

Until it was time to go and he threw the cutest, pouty little fit I have ever seen. 

Look at that attitude! 

The day before Eleanor's birthday was pretty exciting! She went to visit Heidi and met her two little girls! That's right, Heidi had cute little twins named Kylee, pictured below. 

And Alexis. I'm sorry I didn't get Alexis' face, but she looked JUST like Eleanor. :)

4th Greene girl taking a nap in the rocking chair. I love these family traditions. 

Here she is, very pregnant, with a salt water deficiency again. Also: the moon does not look like that... but it still makes for a pretty picture. 

She took a snooze before returning home for the day. 

She made it just in time for Eleanor's birthday. 

LOOK AT THOSE LONGJOHNS! Hah! I'm sad that Eleanor didn't get to finish making her way to be a famous acrobat, but she did retire at level seven of the profession... not too bad.

That night, Gloria went to the hospital to have the newest little Greene.

For some reason... every person outside of the hospital started freaking out. They did that for hours after she left. 

And here we are. Safe at home with a new little boy! Jack Greene: He's a Clumsy Eccentric. 

Dad seems a little bit overwhelmed. But he's always helping out. 

And grandma has to get her snuggles in. 

I don't know why, but everyone is very relaxed about having little Jack in the house. When Ike got here, it was chaos keeping their moods up. I guess you live and learn. 

His birthday came pretty quickly! 

And he's drop. dead. gorgeous. dear goodness.

And, as promised, Gloria goes on another solo vacation to China. I just have to say that the base camp in China is MUCH better than the scattered tents on the ground in Egypt. 

She's immediately on her way to the scholar's garden. She's now a level five in Martial Arts. 

She does some meditating to clear her mind before her perilous task. 

This was the hardest tomb that I have encountered yet! A lot of tiny tasks just to unlock a door, it took her two days to get through it. 

Luckily there was a bed two levels underground. It brings me back to when Penelope, her great grandma, was just starting in her little box of a house. 

She also did some sparring with some of the locals. She didn't win one match, but had a good time.

Blue belt, yeahh!!!

She also collected a LOT of pomelos to snack on. 

She got back home in time for Ike to become a child! Gosh, they grow up so fast. (Especially when I'm iced into my house and play the Sims constantly)

And his cuteness remains the same. :) His new trait is Frugal!