Tuesday, November 26, 2013

3.2 Scaley Romance

Kyle tried and tried, but he was unable to keep working full time and taking care of Penelope's Greenhouse. I demolished it and started working on a big backyard, but don't have any pictures, at this point, of the progress. It was sad to see it go, but necessary... 

Eleanor was constantly working out. She got her first gig at the performance park, but was already level 5 of the Acrobat career... just because she was an obsessive exerciser! 

Before her first show, she decided to give Rick Sheets a call and invite him out on a date to the performance park. This way, at least, she'd have ONE person in the audience. 

She ran all the way there... See? Running in the snow. Workout junkie. 

Right away, the her Diva trait and his Flirty trait were evident. 

Everything was going 'swimmingly'. (This is funny because I just found out that he is a merman... A MERMAN. HIS LEGS ARE SCALES AND WHEN HE GETS INTO THE WATER IT TURNS INTO A TALE AHHHH) 

"Who's that creepy lady watching me kiss my new boyfriend?" 

Oh. That's his wife. 

Eleanor Greene: Destroyer of Happy Marriages. 


The Sheets family fell apart... right there in the middle of the performance park. It was so upsetting... 

But the show must go on!

I still don't understand why she felt the need to wear her graduation cap and an outfit that wasn't exactly... an outfit while performing, but I'm just going to let a Sim be a Sim. 

Back at home, it was the day before little Finn's birthday and Kyle was reading him a cookbook before bed... precious. :)

He woke up the next day and was just SO excited... (He is never excited. He eats, he sleeps, he goes to school...)

And he grew up... AND LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE LEIGHTON. Even the hair!! I didn't even give him a makeover. I'm perfectly happy with having a little Leighton walking around the neighborhood. 

It was a wonderful day... filled with celebration. But WAIT. Someone's at the door. 

Will Eleanor be a responsible adult and wait until Rick is done getting over his recent divorce? It's not likely... but tune in for the next chapter! :P

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