Thursday, November 21, 2013

1.4 Family

The next morning, Penelope immediately asks Leighton to join her at the library. He seems shocked, but seems to handle the news very well. 

They sit down and pick up some books about pregnancy before I notice something weird going on behind them. 

What. The. Hell... 

Penelope is all smiley and pregnant. She finishes two books before she leaves.

I've been working on her house some more as well. She has an actual front porch, which is exciting! 

And a kitchen setup that isn't just a refrigerator and a counter top. I'm pretty sure at this point, she still had to do dishes in the bathroom though. You can't win them all. 

That wild horse is constantly in her yard. I'm glad for the fence because it would probably eat all of her plants. 

Leighton comes over every day and helps around the house. But I still cannot get him to make a commitment. 

You'd think that she was a bookworm with all of the reading that she does. 

One night, she went into labor and in true sims fashion - had her baby in the living room after two hours of "OHHHHH NOOOOOO" yelling. 

And here we have our first non-sparkly look at the next generation of Greene's. Andrew Greene! He was born with the Loves the Outdoors and Loves the Heat traits. 

Penelope was a great mom, but luckily Leighton came over frequently and helped out so that she could get some much-needed sleep. 

He was seriously so cute. I can't stand it. 

"Told you!"

I decided to try again while Andrew was sleeping to get him to be in a relationship with Penelope. 

Her face says it all. 

So I decided to spend some money that she really didn't have to give him some Passionate Purple flowers. The key to every man's heart, ladies and gentleman. 

(awkward random zombie attack outside... everything's fine because apparently, zombies can't operate DOORS)

Soon enough, it is little Andrew's birthday. I threw a party and obviously, Beau (now a vampire) showed up... awkward. He ate food, clogged my toilet and left without even leaving a gift. 

And little Andrew grew up into a toddler. 

Finally, before Leighton left, I had Penelope ask him to be in a relationship. He accepted! And since he was here, we went ahead and proposed to the guy! YES AGAIN! 

They had a private ceremony and Leighton and Andrew were all settled to move in with Penelope - doubling the amount of people in the house. 

This is what Andrew looks like as a toddler. 

I ended up with some extra money when the guys moved in and got the chance to REALLY build a house. Look at that! bathroom, two bedrooms and a real kitchen/dining room. It isn't much - but it's better than a box with a bed. 

This is Sam Sekemoto-Greene, Penelope's new step-son. I don't believe that he knows how to smile. 

And here is Leighton with a MUCH better hairdo! 

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