Tuesday, November 26, 2013

3.3 Double Doses

Marriage ends. You say goodbye to your wife and kids and... go to your girlfriend's house. While I don't necessarily condone his behavior... Eleanor wasn't getting any younger and he was really cute and I wanted to have a mermaid baby so they went and Woohoo'd in an igloo. 


And Brynn was standing outside building a Grim Reaper snowman... Are you threatening to kill him, Brynn? 

Obviously, Rick was okay with all of this. 

Aaaaand Eleanor doesn't seem to mind popping. 

Obligatory pregnant Greene woman, sleeping in a rocking chair picture.

Interlude: Kyle was teaching a class at City Hall and ran outside to inspect the sky. A meteor fell RIGHT where he was standing, but luckily he was okay! Just a little bit singed. I was so very upset that he was going to die. NOT YET, KYLE. JUST HOLD ON.

Eleanor's pregnancy was actually fairly boring. She had no cravings besides wanting to spend some serious dough at the Spa. I sent her twice for a cheap-ish massage. She seemed happy. 

Rick was over every day. Being cute and all. I couldn't decide if I wanted him moving in right away though. He needed to take some time to reevaluate his life. 

Eleanor went into labor in the kitchen. Kyle was the only one that seemed to care. 

Kyle took her to the hospital right away, Rick eventually joined them. 

And emerged with TWO baby girls! Twins! Again! Gloria and Heidi. 

They rushed home. Eleanor was EXHAUSTED, but was seriously an awesome mom. She would nap in the rocking chair and head straight to the nursery if/when one of the twins needed her. So sweet. 

Yes, I cloned the crib that the 3rd Gen used... I love the design. 

Okay, Brynn had to get in some grandma kisses when she got off work. 

Before we knew it (seriously!) their birthdays really snuck up on me, but I PROMISE I got so much better at pictures once they were toddlers! And Eleanor should really reconsider attending her children's birthday party in her underwear. That's one for the baby book.

Gloria goes first... IS THAT BLONDE HAIR?!

YES. Awe!! And her eyes are PURPLE. Her traits are Brave and Loves the Outdoors. 

Brynn helped out with Heidi's birthday. 

Eleanor was very excited. 

TWO BLONDES?! OMG. And Heidi looks like Penelope! Heidi's traits are Heavy Sleeper and Virtuoso. I'm such a happy simmer right now. These girls are GORGEOUS! 

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