Thursday, December 5, 2013

3.7 High School Blues

Accurate pic of the twins. Gloria works her hiney off learning new skills... Heidi talks to an invisible friend. This pic is from her point of view...

This one is from Gloria's. Everyone thinks that she is INSANE. 

Everyone loooves that puppy!

Eleanor aging into an adult went well and we decided to go for a more mature look. 

Brynn and Kyle still flirted with each other. It really warms my heart. They really are a PRECIOUS couple. 


One day, Heidi all of a sudden was in the red. I looked for her and found that she had passed out on the floor because she was dehydrated! 

Kyle was very helpful by throwing a bucket of water on her... 

It's hard to keep Gloria in the house. She loves to fish and loves being outside. I let her fish a lot because that's really the only thing besides kelp that she or Heidi will eat. It's a little bit exasperating to have two mermaids in the house. :/

Brynn is SO not amused that Brynn has taken to walking around the house naked... I think it is hilarious though. 

The girls work hard on their grades! They're both A students just a few days into high school. 

Gloria is the skill-master though! She flies through her homework now, even faster than Heidi! 

And she is getting really good at Martial Arts. She can break through 5 foam boards now in one try! Awesome, if you ask me. 

PROM NIGHT! I missed a good picture of Gloria in her dress, but Heidi looked awesome. I love that dress with her scales. :) She ended up having a horrible time at prom though. Apparently, she got into a fight with a girl who tried to dance with her crush!

I did get this shot of Gloria in the limo. Black and white. Sassy. She left with a crown because she was voted Prom Queen and got asked to dance. 

Meanwhile... Brynn and Kyle were woo-hooing in a pile of leaves... Classy. 

And it was Brynn's last romp. :( that's a little bit sad. Everyone was just DEVESTATED. 

Kyle didn't take it very well. His moodlet lasted for 3 days and said, "Lost Love". :( UGH KYLE YOU'RE NEXT!!! D:

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