Thursday, November 21, 2013

2.2 College Years

I don't think that Brynn realized that this is what the first day of being a Young Adult would bring... Apparently, getting abducted by aliens in the freezing cold weather was just not something that she enjoyed. I did find it amusing that the moodlet that she received mentioned something about 'feeling a little probed'... Good on ya, Sims 3. 

With that, I quickly sent her to Sims University. And like I predicted, she took to it like a fish in water. The academic route really fit with my most studious sim. 

Luckily, she only had to attend one term because of her excellent work in high school. I gave her a makeover and really felt like the hat suited her. 

One day, she was at the dorm when she noticed a really, really, really good-looking Sim. (I will say right now, that he is the cutest in-game Sim I have EVER seen and I'm so glad that I spotted him!) 

She and Kyle Shalom hit it off right away. 

They were pretty much inseparable. 

Brynn seemed to be enjoying her classes and was making excellent grades, but I did notice that a lot of her wishes had to do with a certain young man. 

She was constantly getting texts and phone calls from Kyle and always wanted to pillow fight, sketch, and take pictures with him. 

Sometimes, she couldn't resist the urge to show him a funny cat video that she found on Sim-Tube. 

And he did, eventually, agree to being sketched. 

What a goober. He was a very dramatic Business major. 

Brynn often thought about taking the money of her sleeping classmates. Maybe she has a hidden Kleptomaniac trait somewhere. 

But once class was over, she was trying her best to impress Kyle. I made a decision the night that she cooked dinner for him that he was going to be the one for her. No need to search anymore!

<3 aww

One night, Kyle was feeling a little frisky and they finally, FINALLY kissed. YOU'VE GOT HIM, BRYNN. DON'T LET GO. NEVER LET GO.

*I will go down with this ship*

Favorite picture of the legacy, no doubt. I laughed so hard when she wished that she could sketch Kyle nude... I didn't know that they could do that. It was SO worth it. 

And here is Brynn on her last day of classes. It seemed that the semester rolled by very quickly. Of course it will when you're young and in love. 

The next day, she made arrangements to go home. She was a bit sad to leave Kyle behind, but something told her (me) that he would be joining the family soon. 

They had one, last, wonderful date before it was time for Brynn to leave. They were both a little bit weepy. 

It broke her heart to say goodbye to Kyle, but I had some plans up my sleeve. 

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