Thursday, November 21, 2013

1.5 Full-Time Mom

Yep. She's pregnant again. I thought that Andrew was going to be the only kid in this legacy. But Leighton's Lifetime Wish is to Raise 5 Kids. (not the official name of the LTW, but it'll do). Penelope quit her job so that she could stay at home and take care of the kids. She was focusing on her Cooking skill because we were looking at a lot of future mouths to feed and that's a full-time job! 

So it looks like a very full house was in our future. Luckily, we had Sam around to help while Leighton worked and Penelope tried to hone up her skills. Gardening is impossible when it's been snowing all winter and spring. 

Sam is never in the happiest of moods (thanks, grumpy trait) - but he is helpful when it comes to little Andrew. 

Aww. Sam can be pretty cute. He potty trained Andrew single-handedly! 

Another glimpse at the growing house before our gift-giving party for the winter. 

We had a very strange group of guests, but some of the gifts were okay. 

Penelope's second pregnancy left her with this strange affinity for the snow. She wanted to build 10 snowmen and she wanted to build an igloo... and she wanted to woohoo in the igloo. 

I did realize that the planter bowls were an option and bought her one so that she could at the very least try to keep her garden alive during the winter storms. 

Sam's artistic abilities kind of pissed me off... as he wanted to graffiti EVERYTHING. Nothing was safe from his spraypaint of ugly. 

There she is, post-woohoo... pregnancy cravings are weird, I guess. 

Almost ready to have that second baby and age Andrew up. He learned how to walk the day before he was supposed to age up! 

And all of a sudden, Sam comes home from the prom with a girlfriend?! Darlene Bunch! 

It had been a busy day, Andrew aged up (unfortunately I missed taking pictures) and Penelope had her baby... 

BABIES?! That's right, she had twins. Brynn and Corinne. (unfortunately, I missed their infancies do to having 6/7 people in the house. I say 7 because Darlene came home from school with Sam almost every single day. It was a lot to deal with, so here are the twins as toddlers.)

Brynn Greene: Absentminded, Neurotic. 

Corinne Greene: Insane and Loves the Cold. (look at that awful green hair, I let her keep it for the time being...)

Luckily, they were on the same sleep schedule... but not for long. We'd soon find out that these girls were as different as different can be. 

Quick peek of Andrew as a child. He rolled the No Sense of Humor trait

They had a dog, for a time, named Jack. It was very short-lived. That dog seriously stressed me out. I got him though because I promised Andrew that he could have a dog and didn't want to back out on a promise. 

Look how happy is about his dog...  

The girls were to age up soon, Llama willing, but Leighton still wanted one more child. Penelope and Leighton talked it over and decided to adopt. 

Soon enough, little Seth Greene joined the family. (no, I did not even THINK about how there is an actor named Seth Greene. I just didn't want to name him in the alphabetical order because he isn't eligible to be an heir.)

Looks like we had a long, interesting road in front of us. Seth's traits are Clumsy and Evil.. 

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