Thursday, November 21, 2013

1.6 Raising Babies

Corinne is not my child, she is Penelope's child... So I feel completely free to say that she is a freaking monster! 

"She's not that bad! ... I mean... okay, she's a monster. But she's a really cute monster!"

It takes a villiage, I suppose... Brynn learned all of her toddler skills in two days. We were still working on Corinne's the day that she aged up. 

She seemed to get along with Darlene though. 

And Sam was very helpful with baby Seth. 

And he was very... smoochy with Darlene. 

I was starting to wonder if Darlene was just going to move in. She stayed over every. single. day. 

This is Penelope, giving her the side-eye. 

Back to Corinne being a monster... She was NOT hungry when I took this picture. She was tired. But refused to go to sleep. 

      Andrew is a bit of a loner, he likes playing on the slide in our brand new backyard. 

Three birthday cakes... you know what that means! 

Brynn went first and ended up with just the worst hair that I have ever seen on a sim. Sorry. She's still pretty cute, but I had to give her a makeover. She ended up with, I believe, the Socially Awkward trait. (I really should take notes when my kids age up - I always forget which order they develop traits...)

Corinne's aging went a bit easier, but she rolled the No Sense of Humor trait as well... What is it with my sim kids having no sense of humor?!

Brynn is pretty dang cute. She seemed like she needed some glasses, I think it gives her the cutest quirky look. 
And then Corinne has just the sweetest face and I went ahead and fixed that green hair! 
Andrew was the last to age up that day! He grew up into a very handsome teenager. 
I gave him those dreads for an edgy look.  Which is funny because he's very laid back. 
Seth grew up the next day, but again - I got so bad about taking pictures. He's pretty cute though. 
Andrew was constantly talking about going fishing. It's all he wanted to do. 
Brynn automatically started doing her homework on her own every day. It took three or four sittings for Corinne to get through hers. 
Brynn was probably the quietest child. Even when she was on the playground, she kept a straight face. 
Corinne, on the other hand was completely unpredictable. 

Here is Corinne "presiding over the royal court" while the rest of the family tried to eat dinner. 

And then there's Brynn. Quietly working on her handiness skill. 

And we can't forget about the evil child. 

"Get used to seeing these sirens, buddy. Something tells me that the cops will bring you home before you age into an adult..."


The kids knew that it was going to be time to pick an heir for the next generation soon, so they all feverishly did their homework. 

Seth was about to age into a child and Penelope couldn't be happier! No more babies for her to take care of!! 
Seth headed off to school... I decided to let him keep the bald head that he aged up with. 

Sam grew up into a hillbilly. Complete with mullet and camo wife beater. 

After a quick makeover, I had him propose and marry Darlene. 
Isn't that sweet? Yeah? After that, I immediately kicked them out. Sorry - but I'm getting stressed by the number of people in the house! Anyway. 

Out final chapter for this generation should be out soon. See which of the three Greene kids will be the next heir! 

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