Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1.1 Bare Bones

Penelope literally has next to nothing. Hopefully, a garden will soon spring inside of this tiny fence. At least it isn't too cold yet and she has a sleeping bag. I mean, it could definitely be worse. 
Our first goal is to take her to the local park. She is planning on picking the place clean, flowers, plants... maybe that Schmoozer trait will make her a quick friend to bum some money off of. 

"That's awful!" 

You will do what you are told. 

None of the flowers are too expensive, but we'll take 5 simoleons over nothing. 

Her heart went out to little Sam Sekemoto who seemed to be all alone in the great, big park. 

After she left the park, I decided that what Penelope needed more than anything... as a job! That's right, folks! She walked in a poor, gangly girl with absolutely nothing to her name -


And she walked out as the Sunset Valley's newest Playground Monitor. She was only making 20 simoleons an hour, but a job is a job! 

She also took a gardening class (I'm sure that will pay for itself a few times over!) and sent a text to her new boss, Yumi Sekemoto. 

It was an interesting first day, to say the least. She didn't make any friends, but she did start what looks to be a flourishing garden. 

She even had a few limes left over to make a meal out of... 


Deal with it! 

It looks like she has a very exhausting life ahead of her, but maybe once she really gets her feet into the ground, like her garden, she will blossom into something truly worthwhile... Until then, we will snuggle into this sleeping bag and hope for a full-night's rest. 

She had to wake up very early the next day because her hygiene bar was seriously suffering. She made her way over to the local gym because she knew that they at least had showers and a toilet. 

"This is seriously humiliating."

Well, work hard and we'll see about getting you a real house! 

She went into work on that first day in an awesome mood. 


And of course, the moment that she got home, she was faced with her first ever bills... (They were less than 20 simoleons - we must be doing something right!)

She tended her garden again and I realized that she had JUST enough money to build a tiny, tiny house. 

"Wow! I have a bed! And walls! This is the best day of my life!" 

We still had a lot of work to do. Back to the garden, I say! 

The next few days were a bit on the boring side. Work, garden, scavenge at the park, repeat. At least she had a big, comfy bed to sleep in. The only thing that was really missing was a social life. I decided that maybe today was the day to make Penelope some friends... and possibly meet a sperm donor - *cough cough* man. 

She went to work, as usual, and walked out with WHAT?! A promotion! That's right, Penelope Greene was now a Teacher's Aide! 

She finally had enough money for a shower and a toilet! Wow - we're really getting somewhere! With that, I decided to invite one of her coworkers over! Beau Andrews seemed very charming and they seemed to be getting along at work. Why not invite him over and see if a budding romance was in the cards. 

After talking for a while, I had Penelope go for the 'flirt' action... Turns out, he is married and just wants an easy woo-hoo! 

"Hey... it's been a long week!"

You hush, now! We'll find you a real man! 

Penelope was exhausted after the fruitless encounter and decides to just go to bed early and head to the Summer festival the next day. 

As soon as she arrived, she wanted a snow cone. It's been a long first week, Penelope... you deserve it. But next week, we are seriously going man hunting. 

(Penelope is seriously the cutest sim I've ever played. Her faces crack me up!)

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