Saturday, November 23, 2013

3.1 Definitely Diva

After a lot of consideration, I finally decided that the legacy was going to more forward... with Eleanor as the 3rd Generation Heir. She is thrilled. 

Dexter's aging went well-enough. Besides the pony-tail he looks like a well-adjusted young man. He rolled ended up with the Neurotic trait - just like his mom! And then I kicked his lazy bottom out of the house. 

Eleanor kept to her routine. School, homework, workout, go to sleep... repeat. By her birthday, she had 7/10 athletic skill points. Not bad! 

And here we are! Eleanor's birthday! 

Well... You can't win them all. She rolled the Great Kisser trait. Though her outfit was a little bit strange, I let her go to the park and audition for a job as an acrobat! 

The proprietor wasn't too impressed, but she went ahead and let Eleanor join the profession. She'd need to earn some money making tips before she could actually get a stage show though. I took her home and gave her a bit of a makeover. Work was to start the next day! 

You absolutely NEVER know what is going to happen when there is a full moon on the Sims 3. Ghosts, zombies, the occasional vampire... Strangely, I've never had a werewolf appear, but I guess I'll take what I can get. 

 The next day, Eleanor had her first day at work... She performed as a mime for tips and made around 25 simoleons. It wasn't much, but between working on her athletic skill and performing for tips, she DID end up in the 3rd level of the Acrobat profession. 

As soon as she got home, she got a call that it was time to graduate from high school.

She decided to run there instead of take the car with the rest of the family... 

She got her diploma and was voted Most Likely to Become a Sports Star! Well, close enough! She got a call immediately after leaving the school and a guy named Rick asked if she wanted to go on a date. She agreed - what could it hurt? 

They met at the park and hit it off fairly well. And he was a cutie. They became quick friends, but Eleanor had to leave the date early and tend to some important things. She decided to invite him to one of her shows when she finally landed her first real gig! 

To the gym we go! I swear, she is ALWAYS on a treadmill! 

Here are some updated pictures of the house. I realize that I've been pretty bad at keeping you updated. I build as I go and forget to take pictures. But here's the outside! Maybe in the next few chapters, I will give you a room by room post. :) 

And here's the Greene house with their Christmas lights on! It looks so pretty with the snow. 

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