Thursday, November 21, 2013

2.3 No Place Like Home

The moment that Brynn got home, she asked Kyle to come for a visit. He was due to arrive the next day. But first, it looked like she got back just in time for Penelope's birthday! 

Penelope was either not pleased with her appearance or she was really upset that the toilet overflowed. 

Anyway. The moment that Kyle arrived, Brynn decided to make it a serious affair. 

Ugh. They're so cute. I can't even contain myself. 

She got down on one knee and asked Kyle to be her husband. I love how the Greene ladies don't wait until they're asked before they just GO FOR IT. (Not that they have a choice, but whatever)

He said yes. And they got married. Three times. For some reason, the private ceremony happened three times and it never asked to add Kyle to the family. Glitch? I don't know, but I went ahead and cheated a bit by just adding him to the family. 

They immediately jumped into bed to try for a baby. These sims don't waste ANY time. 

Here's a picture of the beautiful, beautiful Kyle Greene. His traits are: Brave, Good, Bookworm, Artistic, Green Thumb. How is it possible that I found such a perfect in-game husband. Ahhhh. 

He walks around shirtless a lot and everyone is okay with that because he is a very sexy fictional character. 

Brynn popped and was excited to be a mom. EVERYONE was excited for Brynn to be a mom. 

Penelope is talking to her new grandchild. Aww. 

With a little bit of extra money, I decided to build Penelope a greenhouse. I don't know if this actually counts as a greenhouse, but it works. I really need to get to work on fulfilling her lifetime wish before she croaks. 

"Uh! Rude." 

Brynn was due any day. She was constantly craving ice cream and had to fight Penelope for the use of the rocking chair. 

*more pictures of Kyle and Brynn being super cute ahhhhh*

Late one night, Leighton started freaking out. Apparently, he can sense when babies are coming... even before Brynn can. 

Kyle lost his calm and collectedness all of a sudden. But did insist upon taking Brynn to the hospital. 

Two hours later, little Dexter was born. The first child in the third generation. He is Disciplined and Loves the Outdoors. Welcome to the family, Dexter. Something tells me that you will have a sibling or two join the bunch before long. 

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