Thursday, November 21, 2013

1.3 Leighton

Maybe that Charisma skill paid off! Fortunately, Leighton agreed to join Penelope at her newly revamped (again!!) house. That's right, she got ANOTHER promotion. I guess when you have nothing better to do than garden and work, promotions will come fairly quickly. 

She also, apparently, thought that maybe Leighton was a witch? I don't even know. 

Anyway... this time, he seemed much happier to give her a kiss. They smooched and smooched and were almost best friends. 

He agreed to stay the night and before I could even get him to TALK about getting into a serious relationship, he jumped straight into bed. 

And left before Penelope woke up. He sure does have a cute face though. 

The next morning, Penelope was a bit afraid to go to work and I don't blame her. Wild horse outside, crazy Werewolf along the way. Sounds stressful... 

The only good thing that came of the day really, really counts. Leighton came over again (in normal clothes this time - thank goodness!) and they... uhh. 


For some reason, she woke up with the well-rested moodlet and decided to take a day off of work. She deserved it. 

The fall festival was all kinds of fun! She made sure to harvest some pumpkins for her garden.

Found some interesting seeds...

Vomited everywhere... wait - what?!

And then she bobbed for apples before heading home. 

And then she puked again. 

And again. 

Ah. I guess that explains it. Penelope popped and is going to be a mother! Now we'll just have to see what Leighton thinks of the situation? 

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