Friday, November 22, 2013

2.7 And now! Something Else!

The fall is my favorite time in the sims. It's so pretty. In a few generations, I am hoping for a sim to roll the photographer's eye trait. I haven't done much photography in the sims, but it sounds like it would definitely be fun. 

Eleanor is always working hard in the brand new garage! We were able to get her her very own treadmill and when I can't find her, I know exactly where to look. 

She makes some seriously hilarious faces. She's very fun to watch. 

But not as fun as Kyle having a random birthday at a coworker's Thanksgiving party... I'm just going to let these pictures speak for themselves...

In other news... Brynn came home from work wearing this the other day. I was super, super confused. That's not what she left for work in... She's a Band Manager at the local theater... I guess we'll never know.

She and Dexter did a bit of bonding. His birthday was coming up soon. 

And Brynn was helping Kyle, who is training to be a Secret Agent, with his athletic skill. She's a daddy's girl, that's for sure. 

THIS IS IT. Dexter is about to age into a Young Adult. (In case I wasn't clear before. As soon as the oldest child in line to be the heir to the legacy ages into a young adult, you must pick one child and change the focus of the story to that child's point of view!) 

Who will it be? Dexter, Eleanor or Finn?! Either way - we're in line for some serious fun! 

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