Sunday, December 15, 2013

4.9 Storm's A-Brewin'

So. I had to account for an unfortunate glitch in my game and some things that just didn't quite go as planned. This chapter will be rushed, but this will be the end of the 4th Generation's posts. And the next few in the 5th may seem strange or out of sequence! I promise that I will do what I can to get back on track!

THIS is the new Greene House. (for the time being...)

For some reason, my game was seriously glitching. It improved a bit when I moved them into Twinbrook had them living on a slightly smaller lot. I guess that this means that this is no longer an official Sims 3 Legacy, but I wasn't keeping score anyway... 

Jack grew into a GORGEOUS gorgeous freaking beautiful dear goodness teenager. His updated traits are: Eccentric, Clumsy, Workaholic and Savvy Sculptor.

Kennedy grew into quite the imaginative child. Her traits are: Good, Absent-Minded, and Athletic.

But things didn't change much for Jack. He is constantly working on something new. 

He and Ike are great at working together and share something else in common. Their relationship with Keith is in the negatives. Keith has actually declared Jack as his worst enemy! (I have no clue why this happened. Keith has the Hot-Headed trait and is constantly yelling at both of his kids. It breaks my heart!)

Eleanor passed away on her 90th birthday. I was very sad... For some reason, I thought that she'd live the longest out of all of my elders because she's so athletic, but I guess it's random once you're an elder. 

Kennedy is good at making friends. She's always going over to someone else's house to do homework. I don't blame her with all of the arguing that goes on.

She grew up into a lovely young lady. Again, she looks JUST like her dad.

Ruby had puppies, but that was kind of short-lived because four dogs in this house was pretty much miserable.

 Ike turned into an adult and it was time for me to pick a new heir...

What do you think, Jack?

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