Saturday, December 7, 2013

4.3 Twin Weddings

Today is the day. OF THE WEDDING. I was so, so excited to throw a wedding for one of my sims. Though, I would have preferred an outside wedding, I had to do what I could inside because of the snow. 

Not too shabby, huh? 

Gloria looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. (Heidi was now dating the balding guy behind Gloria... His name is Alex)

Everything seemed to be working perfectly. 

Until they went upstairs to get married and were wearing their winter clothes... what?!

Well, I guess love is love, right? :/

Then, they cut the wedding cake and faced the corner so that no one could see them...

Yes, Gloria. I know EXACTLY how you feel. 

Wait. Wait. I don't know exactly how THAT feels. At least we didn't set any fires like we normally do at Greene shindigs. 

Before Alex left, I went ahead and married him to Gloria and then they moved out and took Harley with them. :( I was sad to see them go. Gloria was such a sweetheart to have around the house, but the house would fill up quickly. 

They moved to this beautiful place though, so I think that they will probably be visiting fairly frequently in the future. 

Gloria and Keith were planning their honeymoon the morning after the wedding when Gloria started to feel kind of strange. 

Could it be?! This soon? You betcha. The fifth Generation of Greenes begins: NOW! 

I had a bit of an argument with myself regarding how early I wanted Gloria to have kids. I definitely wanted her to start early, but wanted to make sure that she had enough time to travel as well. So I decided that as soon as each kid aged up to a toddler, she could have one travel adventure. Maybe it seems like she's a bad parent, but NOTHING happens at home while she's gone, so she's not missing any mom time. She might be the best-adjusted sim I've ever played. Thanks for reading guys, can't wait to show you the cute baby on the way! 

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