Thursday, January 2, 2014

5.1 - Begin Again

I'm telling you right now, that this chapter and the next will be all over the place. The Greene's had all kinds of things go wrong with the game, so I had to start a COMPLETELY new file, from scratch. Jack will eventually continue the legacy in a new town... all by himself. It kind of breaks my heart and this will mean that it won't run like a traditional legacy anymore, but I'm excited for what's in store and have been working on an AMAZING new house to finish the legacy in. Thanks for sticking with me through a hiatus! 

Jack is the 5th Heir to the Greene Family Legacy and he's just the cutest little cutie ever. 

His transformation into an adult was quite successful. 

Immediately, Jack decides to head to college to work on his degree in Science! Immediately, the game crashes and I lose 2 hours of gameplay... (This happened three times and I finally made a plan to move Jack out of the house into a new town...)

Because college wasn't working and I wanted Jack to work on his skills before trying for college again, he took a day off and got a major makeover. 

Tatoos everywhere. His left arm has a sleeve and he has a huge anchor on his back... (I think that eventually this may change a bit, please just work with me! This chapter is a mess!)

Graduate! He was voted most likely to obtain their lifetime wish! 

Everything seemed perfect. We were going to start off fresh in a new game file, Jack was going to go to college and everything was going to work perfectly. 

Until Gloria passed out in the back yard, her head in the dog bowl. She was dehydrated! I tried to get someone to splash a bucket of water on her, but I was too late!

The Grim Reaper came and I cried in my room for hours. My poor Gloria! I feel like I failed her, she was my first Sim mermaid and I'll miss her every day. 

The whole house was in shambles after Gloria's death. Especially Keith! He was constantly slapping Jack around and yelling at him. Fortunately, he was an angel to Kennedy, so I didn't feel bad when I made my decision.

Jack was upset, but I decided that it was time to start a brand new game file, with Jack and only Jack. It will be as if I'm restarting this entire legacy, but I'm still going to call it Generation 5. 

He packed up and bid a passive agressive goodbye to his dad, jumped in the car and headed to Aurora Falls!

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