Sunday, December 8, 2013

3.4 New Fuzzy Friends

I had to do it. I had to get the husky that was for adoption at the shelter. We named her Ruby. She is the cutest thing I have ever seen and I love her so much. 

Gloria was trying to get to level five of her Martial Art Skill (so that she could meditate) when she started feeling a bit pregnant. 

See. Boom. 

We decorated with a slightly different crib color than most of the Greene's had used in the past. I liked the Grey/Green that you will see in ALL of the 5th Gen's babythings. :)

Keith is giving Kyle a run for his money as far as being an incredible husband goes. He read the pregnancy books and was actually craving specific foods more than Gloria did... Sweet. 


Gloria always picks the most inconvenient times to have salt water deficiencies. Like at 3 in the morning during a snowstorm. Either way, I sent her to the beach to have a cold swim. Look at her little belly! She's a cute preggo sim. 

This guy was NOT excited about starting his new job in the next few days. His LTW is to master the Logic and Handiness skills... So, he joined the Military. 

Gloria's last outing before the baby was born was a quick walk with Ruby. Everyone seriously adores this dog. Including me. 

"Hello little baby! I wonder what you're going to beeeee?"

Gloria AND Keith want a little boy. 


Keith slept through the entire labor. THE ENTIRE LABOR. Rude. 

Here he is! Ike Greene: He is a Light Sleeper and a Genius! 

Mommy has to get her snuggles in. I wonder who he is going to favor?

Keith DID let Gloria go straight to bed and he took the night duty of this little guy who was wide awake.


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