Sunday, December 8, 2013

4.5 Fruitless/Fruitful

It is birthday time again! I'm hoping that little Ike is the first of three kids, so birthdays are going to be plentiful in the next few chapters of this generation. :) 

Okay. I'm starting to think that ALL Sims toddlers are cute... Look at his little face. He has those teardrop eyes that Dexter had. :) 

Ah. Nap time is a stress reliever for the whole family. 

This isn't really related to the story we have going right now, but for some reason, Eleanor cannot advance in the Acrobat career. I have no idea what is wrong, but when she goes to a gig... NOTHING HAPPENS. She can't even walk onto the stage. :( She wants to advance and works out constantly, but I think there is some kind of glitch in my game. And unless it's fixed before she passes on, she won't be able to finish her lifetime wish. Bah! I think that she is upset about it too... no one should ever bend that way. 

Anyway, Gloria and Keith are finally getting the opportunity to go on a honeymoon! 

They chose Egypt... isn't that precious! 

They aren't together for much of the vacation though, Gloria is constantly finding something new to do... but at least she is getting paid for it! 

Keith enjoys the solitude though. He spends the majority of the vacation fishing. 

This guy sent Gloria to the Pyramid of the Burning Sands to find some Flame Fruit... sadly though, her effors were... fruitless. 

It was a very tricky tomb though. I had fun trying to dismantle some fiery traps. 

Keith spent some time at the base camp. Cooking some strange ka-bobs over the fire. 

Seriously... onions, sausages and bell peppers... I guess if that's what you're hungry for. 

Look at those neat relics! I commend the makers of this expansion pack. It is beautiful! 

Gloria DID scare me half to death at one point. Luckily, she was able to put the fire out with very little efforts. *phew*

I thought about having her open this sarcophagus, but I was a bit scared that there was a cursed mummy in there or something. Maybe if her Martial Arts skill were a bit higher... 

The rest of the vacation was spent with a little rest and relaxation in the ocean. 

Upon arriving at home, little Ike was a hungry boy. He has two attitudes... He's either the most content little schnookums in the world or he is throwing a huge fit. 

See? One or the other...

Obligatory could-she-be-pregnant-again picture! Yes... she could.

Yeah. Get that nasty taste out of your mouth. Bless her heart, she was so, so pukey. The first Sim in this legacy that has puked nearly as much as Penelope did when pregnant. 

Eleanor loves playing with Ruby. She knows how to Sit, Sit Up and Speak. :)

And Ike is a daddy's boy! They love playing Attack of the Claw Monster together! 

I hope he gets along with his little brother or sister. This time, Keith wants a little girl and Gloria just wants to have another baby. I think that I would like another little boy though. We've had SO many little girls running through the Greene house. 

Seriously Greene Girls: Brynn, Corinne, Eleanor, Gloria, Heidi
Boys: Andrew, Dexter, Finn, Ike
I guess the difference isn't as bad as I thought. But I'm hoping that a male is our next heir... to liven up the gameplay a bit. Either way, the family is growing and we're all very excited!

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