Friday, December 6, 2013

3.8 A New Tail

I took Eleanor and Gloria to Egypt so that maybe they could most past their sadness... It didn't work. (Sorry, Heidi.. but you WANTED a puppy!)

Gloria, no surprise, is immediately on a task to explore a tomb. (I never realized how much responsibility her LTW was until now. It's going to require a lot of vacations!)

This tomb was really neat, but I don't remember what it is called. I'm going to start taking notes as I go on these adventures with her. 

See? Pretty. 

This guy asked her to collect four pieces of turquoise. That meant that she'd have to walk ALL over Egypt to find them. 

Seriously? Go Sims! These views are spectacular. 

Eleanor is actually the reason we chose Egypt. She got an opportunity at work to run for 4 hours using a step-counter. 

After that, she relaxed in the sun. :)

UGH. The last piece of turquoise was IMPOSSIBLE to reach. It spawned in a place that Gloria couldn't get to, but we tried SO HARD. 

She did eventually have to crawl into the tent for the night. On the way home in the morning!

Heidi's time at home was not that impressive. She ate some fish. 

Cried about grandma. 

And started working on the writing skill! You go, girl! Just like Brynn before her... but maybe Heidi will find more success?

The night before their birthday, the weather changed and both of the girls went outside to play in the leaves before the snow hit. 

IT IS HERE. UGH. CHOOSING AN HEIR IS GOING TO BE SOOO HARD. (not really... we all know who the heir is going to be...)

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