Tuesday, December 10, 2013

4.7 Princess Makes Six

Jack and Ruby really seem to get along. :) He's a happy baby. She's a happy dog. This is such a happy family. 

Look at his little grin... Him. I wonder what he's laughing at. 

Oh. Grandma's walking around the house naked. Okay. This is where I start saving up money to pay for his therapy. 

For some reason, Ike and Keith barely have a relationship. I decided to sit them down and let them have a bit of father/son time working on Ike's homework. 

Random picture of horses during one of Gloria's nighttime swims. 

That's it. Every. Single. Pregnancy. She craves to swim in salt water... WEIRDO GLORIA.

Ike is LOVING the new addition to the house. I added a video game center in the spare bedroom. As soon as he's done with homework, he plays video games until bedtime. I guess as long as his school work is done, I can't make any complaints. 

It's nearly time for the last baby in this generation and everyone is very excited. Are we going to have a Ken or a Kennedy? 

This might be my favorite picture that I captured throughout the legacy. Look at Gloria's super-derp face! 

Ike is NOT amused with his latest homework assignment. 

Here we go! Baby Number Three! This is not a drill!

*sparkle* *sparkle*

See that pink blanket?! IT'S A GIRL!!! 

Kennedy Greene. I can already tell that she has her Grandpa Rick's gorgeous dark skin that I wish transferred to Gloria or Heidi! The Sims genetics seriously amazes me sometimes! 

Peaceful sleeper. :)

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  1. Of course the pretty tan one is named Kennedy. *grumbles incoherent curses*