Sunday, December 15, 2013

4.8 Family Time

Kennedy's birthday snuck up on me. I should really be better at this by now, but Gloria's kids are so close together, it's hard to keep track of them! 

She grew up to be absolutely stunning though. Her traits are Good and Absent-Minded. And this kid looks JUST like her daddy. 

Eleanor is ALL about getting some baby kisses. Kennedy is her 5th and last grandchild. 

Baby giggles. :D

And would you look at that! It's Jack's birthday too!

Look at his little puffy face blowing out the candles. 

He doesn't even give me a moment to take a picture before he's in his room, working on his logic skill!

It didn't go over very well...

Jack loves his little sister though. They play peekaboo and are already best friends. 

Here he is outside, searching the galaxy. He's already discovered two starts and one planet. Pretty big accomplishments for someone that just grew up from being a toddler!

Ike prefers playing video games with dad. 

There's a picture of my little blue-eyed guy. :) By the way, Jack's newest trait is: Workaholic.

Gloria sometimes needs to take a break to meditate. These kids have been known to drive her a little bit crazy.

I decided one day, before Ike's birthday, that I'd take the WHOLE family to the park. They all had a blast. 

Eleanor and Keith had a shoot out and it is no surprise that my athletic old lady beat him. 

Ike and Jack spent nearly the whole time playing chess. Their Eccentric (Jack) and Genius (Ike) traits have them itching to learn the Logic skill. At this point, they were both level 5.

Kennedy was content playing with her imaginary friend doll... Oh no, not again.

Gloria, of course, had to spend the time that she had fishing. 

And then Keith, Gloria, Uncle Dexter and Jack decided to be in a hotdog eating contest.

I really didn't expect Jack to be the winner... He can really put them away!!

Keith, on the other hand...

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