Saturday, December 7, 2013

4.2 Old Fashioned... something

By the time the girls were through with their graduation... THE BOY WAS GONE. His name was Keith and I was sad. As soon as Gloria gets home though... she gets a call. HE WANTS TO GO ON A DATE. I don't know how any of this happened, but I was so stoked. Way to be attractive, Gloria. Good job. 

Before the date, I did a little bit of renovations to the house. I added a basement! This would be Gloria's own little adventure room. I added the nectar racks (sims version of wine) so that the bottles she collected in France would age better. 

A small gym for practicing Martial Arts. 

And a nectar making machine. Maybe she could make the Greene name famous some day!

The date was precious. They fell in LOVE, guys. they just clicked. Keith is the CUTEST. His traits are Daredevil, Vehicle Enthusiast, Handy, Hot-Headed and Neat. 

Kissy kissy between the garage and house. I love this couple. I love them a lot, okay? 

This was kind of weird though. I don't even know how that happens. 

After a dip in the new hot tub, (pics coming) the two headed down to the basement to enjoy some alone time and a bottle of nectar. 

Gloria just could NOT help herself. She got down on one knee (ie half of a tail?) and popped the question. HE SAID YES. And I'm throwing a wedding! 

Gloria's bachelorette party was a bit... off. 

She started the night out by spraying her little sister with a fizzy nectar. 

And then a very skinny man came over, took his clothes off and started dancing... 

And then... Heidi started making out with him?! WHAT. Okay, Heidi. Getchusome. 

The party was actually very boring. And no one showed up except for Corinne (who died the next day). :(

At least Heidi had a good time... 

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