Sunday, December 8, 2013

4.6 China Challenges!

Being pregnant again doesn't give you an excuse to laze around. Gloria woke up one morning and decided that she and Ike would go on a little date to the park before the new baby came along. 

He had a blast riding the spring riders. She let him ride both of the springriders at the Spring festival. He was a happy, happy boy. 

Until it was time to go and he threw the cutest, pouty little fit I have ever seen. 

Look at that attitude! 

The day before Eleanor's birthday was pretty exciting! She went to visit Heidi and met her two little girls! That's right, Heidi had cute little twins named Kylee, pictured below. 

And Alexis. I'm sorry I didn't get Alexis' face, but she looked JUST like Eleanor. :)

4th Greene girl taking a nap in the rocking chair. I love these family traditions. 

Here she is, very pregnant, with a salt water deficiency again. Also: the moon does not look like that... but it still makes for a pretty picture. 

She took a snooze before returning home for the day. 

She made it just in time for Eleanor's birthday. 

LOOK AT THOSE LONGJOHNS! Hah! I'm sad that Eleanor didn't get to finish making her way to be a famous acrobat, but she did retire at level seven of the profession... not too bad.

That night, Gloria went to the hospital to have the newest little Greene.

For some reason... every person outside of the hospital started freaking out. They did that for hours after she left. 

And here we are. Safe at home with a new little boy! Jack Greene: He's a Clumsy Eccentric. 

Dad seems a little bit overwhelmed. But he's always helping out. 

And grandma has to get her snuggles in. 

I don't know why, but everyone is very relaxed about having little Jack in the house. When Ike got here, it was chaos keeping their moods up. I guess you live and learn. 

His birthday came pretty quickly! 

And he's drop. dead. gorgeous. dear goodness.

And, as promised, Gloria goes on another solo vacation to China. I just have to say that the base camp in China is MUCH better than the scattered tents on the ground in Egypt. 

She's immediately on her way to the scholar's garden. She's now a level five in Martial Arts. 

She does some meditating to clear her mind before her perilous task. 

This was the hardest tomb that I have encountered yet! A lot of tiny tasks just to unlock a door, it took her two days to get through it. 

Luckily there was a bed two levels underground. It brings me back to when Penelope, her great grandma, was just starting in her little box of a house. 

She also did some sparring with some of the locals. She didn't win one match, but had a good time.

Blue belt, yeahh!!!

She also collected a LOT of pomelos to snack on. 

She got back home in time for Ike to become a child! Gosh, they grow up so fast. (Especially when I'm iced into my house and play the Sims constantly)

And his cuteness remains the same. :) His new trait is Frugal!


  1. I can't wait to see what Ike and Jack are like as teenagers :) AND maybe they'll have another younger sibling? Maybe???