Monday, January 6, 2014

5.2 - The Dating World

(Disclaimer: Melody Henderson owns Jack Greene and ALL of his descendants! Love you! I hope that you're in the air right now!)

Jack has an awesome attitude. I mean, his mother dies, he has a disagreement with his stepfather and is forced to start his entire life over. And the first thing that he does is apply for University. 

He was only in his new town for a few moments, but this is what Lunar Lakes looks like. It's a cute little town, I'm quite fond of it. 

He moves into a dorm, and is showered with pretty faces. (Seriously! The girls at University were just gorgeous. I had a terrible time deciding who he should flirt with. LOOK AT THEM!)

Jack wasn't into getting flirty immediately. He was far too concerned with making a 4.0 by the end of the term. I guess I couldn't blame him, getting a good job was important since he was so broke and all.

He did find a bit of time to play some Juice-Pong with a roommate. 

But he was all about going to class, studying all the time and occasionally sending texts about the lectures that his slacker friends missed out on.

He didn't mind a few trips to the coffee shop either. Those bagels were addictive. 

One day, he was sitting in a lecture and couldn't help noticing a really cute girl sitting behind him. 

Like the stalker that he is, he followed her to her house and introduced himself. Her name was Gabby Ahmed and she was a CUTIE. 

After their first meeting, he always had a grin on his face. Look at this little cutie. 

I wish I got a better shot of his dorm room, but this is the best that I could do. He always dreamed about Gabby, ever since the first meeting. 

SEE! Pretty girl sims were EVERYWHERE. Ugh. I had a hard time deciding on which one to marry, but college lasted for a few terms, maybe he could get around a bit. :P

No, it was always Gabby. He asked her on an official date and everything was just perfect. They went to an old-town college hangout and had a blast. 

I love this pic. They're cute together. Jack tried to talk up the game, but Gabby beat him in three turns. 

They ended up becoming close friends on this date and Jack really wanted to see if she was willing to go for a bigger title. 

Tune in to the next chapter! Will Gabby break Jack's heart? Will they end up together forever? What secret is Gabby hiding from Jack?!

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