Wednesday, January 8, 2014

5.3 Long Distance Relationship

Jack loved his college years. Just like in the real world, he didn't get much sleep. I couldn't help it! There was just so much to do in keeping those grades up.

He spent a lot of time in the science building, analyzing seeds and other various samples.

And a lot of time was also spent on the dorm lawn studying anatomy and the bone structure of his... skeleton. I called him Rigby. He looked lonely.

While there were many (MANY) gorgeous women around campus, his heart was set on Gabby. She IS pretty cute. On their second date, he brought her a bouquet of flowers. I think that they were at the bowling alley, they never went inside. :P

He was always very nervous and jittery around her. I don't know if that is his clumsy trait or if he simply had butterflies being around a pretty girl. 


And they end it with a kiss. Eep. 

Jack then started feeling a bit sad. She had a place here and he had no one back home... Finals were in just a few days and he would have to say goodbye to Gabby. He shook it off and asked her to go on a study date with him the night before finals. 


Last day of classes! Jack had some serious studying to do!

(This is Chloe. I stole her because she's the most beautiful Sim I think I have ever seen and I love her forever and I can't say enough good things about her... YEESH. If I had seen her before Jack met Gabby, it would be ENDGAME... But I didn't, so I started a fresh file with this pretty face. :))

Jack got really good at kicky ball while trying to get his fun level up between classes.

STUDY STUDY STUDY. I don't have a picture, but she became his girlfriend on this date. IT'S OFFICIAL. PUT IT ON THE SIMBOOK.

Finals Day: Look at that determination.

 I have never seen so many Sims in one place! Wow!

He made all A's, but didn't quite finish the degree, maybe he would go back after getting a job. The night before he left, he wrote Gabby a love letter and hoped that once he moved back to Lucky Palms, she would be willing to come and visit him. 

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